Ads Transparency Spotlight
Help create a more transparent internet
Our goal is to ensure that people all around the world can continue to access ad-supported content on the web while also feeling confident that their privacy is protected. To do so, we must increase transparency into how digital advertising works.
This extension is an early-stage proof of concept, designed to give expert users more visibility into the ads they see. In the future, we want to make it useful for a broader audience and offer users additional controls.
Please try it and share your feedback.
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This version of the Ads Transparency Spotlight can only show information about display ads purchased through Google Ads. These ads have implemented a new Ad Disclosure Schema. As others implement the Ad Disclosure Schema into their adsí HTML, they will appear here, too. Learn more
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The companies shown here are specific to the web page youíre viewing. These companies provide a wide variety of services, including cloud data storage, cloud computing, and analytics.
Companies have different approaches to protecting your data and privacy. For details about how your data is used, read the companyís privacy policy.
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